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KU Academic writing class 2020 - Pilot project

Trainer: Stephan Elkins, Andrea Tönjes,, Location: Campus IN & EI

General Information

Important Information
Learn how to write effectively and increase the chances for your work to be accepted.

Join the KU Academic Writing Class 2020!

Publishing your research results is of central importance for a successful career in academia. In many disciplines it is essential to publish internationally already at an early career stage. Besides excellent research, the linguistic and structural quality of your paper is of decisive importance in the reviewing process.

We would like to support you in developing and refining your personal writing skills in academic English. Join our pilot project and apply for the first KU Academic Writing Class.
The KU Academic Writing Class is composed of three closely interrelated modules:

Academic Writing I: English Academic Writing for the Social Sciences and Humanities (2 days)

The workshop seeks to create an awareness of the typical patterns of non-idiomatic writing that non-native authors who write in English – and especially German-
speaking academics – tend to adopt. The course equips participants with strategies to avoid these pitfalls.

Intended learning outcomes

- You will be aware of some of the important characteristics of the English language that will help improve your writing.
- You will learn about some of the pitfalls that especially German speakers are vulnerable to when writing in English and acquire strategies to avoid them.
- You will be enabled to use this knowledge to develop a more fluent and lively style of writing.
- You will be familiarized with a wide range of resources, aids, and strategies to help you improve your writing.

Module I: July 27-28, 2020, Ingolstadt Campus, NB Z 01

Academic Writing II: Producing an Academic Paper in the Social Sciences and Humanities (2 days)

The goal is to provide an understanding of the general structure and “choreography” of academic publications and hands-on assistance for participants writing their own papers. The workshop will begin by discussing typical problems encountered when writing an academic publication and ways to facilitate the writing process. We will then address the typical structure of academic publications. This will involve having a detailed look at the basic components of an academic paper, what we need to focus on in each part, where to place which elements, and what tenses are typically used. Particular attention will be paid to the essential benefits of developing and devising a clear “storyline” and expressing your “take-home message” clearly.

Intended learning outcomes
- You will be familiarized with the general structure of English academic publications and some differences to the “German style.”
- You will acquire strategies of how to approach the task of writing papers.
- You will have a clear understanding of the basic components of an academic paper, what is important in each part, where to place which elements, and what tenses to use.
- You will be aware of the importance of developing a clear storyline and being clear about the key message of your paper and how to devise a corresponding strategy.

Module II: November 12-13, 2020, Eichstätt Campus, eO 112

Academic Writing III: Individual Feedback Sessions on Your Personal Writing (1 day)

Some weeks after Module I, you will have the opportunity to receive personal feedback on your newly written texts and text sections. You will meet with one of the trainers, discuss your progress, and receive useful input to enhance your individual learning process.

Module III: to be defined during Module I (around October 15, 2020 and/or December 10, 2020), Eichstätt Campus, eO 112

The workshop language is English.

Our trainers
Both trainers, Stephan Elkins and Andrea Tönjes from SocioTrans, have a professional background in the social sciences and humanities, many years of experience in teaching English academic writing, and in translating and editing academic texts by German-speaking scholars. Stephan Elkins is a bilingual native speaker in English and German; Andrea Tönjes has an educational background in linguistics and language teaching.

Conditions for participation
- Readiness/willingness to actively participate in all three modules
- Participation in the evaluation of the Academic Writing Class
- Existence of a specific publication project

Application documents
- Application form
- Letter of motivation (no longer than 1 page)

Please use the application form attached and submit your application by April 15, 2020 by e-mail to
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Trainer: Stephan Elkins, Andrea Tönjes,, Location: Campus IN & EI




Tutorial Support

Magdalena Schönweitz

Graduiertenakademie Graduiertenakademie


20. Feb 2020, 13:40 - 31. Jan 2021, 13:45
Course admittance is closed.
Period of Event
27. Jul 2020 - 28. Dec 2020

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